Impact Globe

Small Steps, Big Change!

When it comes to the environment, it’s all about collective impact we have together. It’s the same with fundraising: Green Cards™ leverage collective fundraising power to generate huge change out of small donations.
Green Cards™ combine the best of both worlds by making every small step do double duty: we help you “clean up” in fundraising with the cards’ enormous revenue potential, while helping clean up the environment for everyone by donating a portion of our own proceeds.

For every card you buy, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a green cause.

Below is a list of organizations we are currently donating to. You can also specify which cause you would like us to donate to! Additionally, if you’d like to see another organization on this list please let us know. We are constantly looking for new ways to make a difference.

Yes, I want to get started and make a difference today!