Tangible Value

  • Huge Profits

    Scratch cards are the single most profitable fundraising item available. You can earn well over $100 off a single card!

  • Mass Appeal

    Anyone with a buck to spare can scratch to support your group, help save the environment and still get something for themselves out of the deal.

  • Distributes Efficiently

    Stress-free – There’s no product to deliver, and they only thing members have to carry is one or more cards. This item is ideal for any size group, large or small, and the cards are even sent to you with no shipping costs.

  • Minimal Donations.

    Customers can participate at a level with which they’re comfortable, yet your organization still rakes in the cash. It’s also the perfect fundraising item to use with families or communities that may be struggling. They can participate without breaking the bank.

    An answer to “Stuff Fatigue”. Green Cards™ enable customers to support your organization without having to buy yet more “stuff.”

    Plus, this item can have a huge impact on the environment, both directly and indirectly — through donations, education and fewer carbon emissions in producing and transporting cards.

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Feel-Good Value

Save the environment and teach your kids

Teach kids at a young age to take care of the environment. They’ll learn that just one person can make a difference through the smallest and unlikeliest of means, and they’ll discover that working as a group – even a small one – can multiply that effect exponentially.

Support local and environmentally-friendly groups

Through participation, people in the community become more aware of their impact as well. Who knows what impact a Green Card might have on their choices down the road? Plus, Gone Green Fundraisers contributes a portion of its own receipts to charitable groups, depending on the card selected.

Smart Fundraising Tip

If you plan a yearly fundraiser, you can do double-duty with these cards. Track your community’s “greenprint” and watch it grow each year.

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