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How Green Cards Work

No money upfront. In fact, two win-win options create a fundraiser that pays for itself!

  • Order your cards, collect all your fundraising money, and then pay
  • Payment can be made when the cards are ordered, and you’ll get free cards. Each card alone is worth $140 – it’s like getting free money!
  • Each cards raises $140. We charge $20 per cards ( with 15% of our proceed donated to green causes). Your profit on each card is $120!!  Your profit on Bonus Cards is $140!!
  • Order less than 50 Cards and get 10% free cards. Order more than 50 Cards and get 15% free cards!
  • Gone Green Fundraisers™ Guarantees that this will be the most profitable scratch card fundraiser.
Get Started
Get Started


Bonuses for you and for participants!

  • Get a useful and durable money bag to hold all your quickly earned cash (while supplies last).
  • Fundraiser promotion assistance, with a custom-written press release you can distribute.
  • Free green coupons for the participants or a money saving weekly tip sheet that contains fantastic information and environmental tips to protect pocketbooks as well as the planet.


Stress-Free Fundraising. The members simply take their cards to family and friends, who scratch off one or more dots. Each dot reveals an amount between $1 and $3, and the person scratching donates the total amount revealed. (See below for why this works so great and sells so easy).


It’s Win – Win – Win !

  • Organizer

An easy and stress-free fundraiser that pays for itself.

  • Members

An easy fundraiser with no products to deliver, while learning about the environment.

  • Environment

The EPA hosts an environmental impact calculator so you can see for yourself the dramatic impact of carbon offsetting.