Healthy Fundraisers

Theros Olive Oil

Oil the wheels of your fundraiser!

You haven’t tasted olive oil until you’ve tried it grown-organically and captured at the peak of freshness in small batches. Gone Green Fundraisers™ has cultivated a close relationship with the proprietors of Theros Olive Oil – we even participate in the yearly harvest! – and we can offer fantastic pricing on an otherwise elite olive oil. Since many schools and communities are frowning on sugary, unhealthy fundraising products, Theros Olive Oil is a product that every family can use and enjoy to great health. This “bottled sunshine” will train taste buds what true olive oil should taste like.

Tangible Value

Sells Profitably
Even though Green Cards™ offer a higher return-on-investment, Theros Olive Oil has become our flagship product and top-seller: its unparalleled, delicious quality and suitability for gift-giving leads to many repeat purchases.
Set your own price: The base price for Theros Oil is $15( a steal for this quality!)  but you can increase it for a higher profit margin if you wish.  You will make a minimum of $4 per bottle if you stick with the base price.
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Sells Easy
Theros Olive Oil beats any market brand, easily.
Flavor - Theros Olive Oil tastes like sunshine. It starts with a luminous golden color on the tongue, the taste explodes with a rich, earthy flavor reminiscent of almonds and freshly mowed grass, with a peppery-sweet undercurrent that adds complexity to any dish cooked with the oil.
Freshness - Most oil producers store their products for years. Theros Olive Oil is harvested, bottled and sold within a year, which provides the absolute freshest flavor.
Intensity - Many companies dilute their pure olive oils with other, cheaper oils. (The cheaper the brand, the more likely they’ve used this practice). Theros is pure and undiluted.
Healthy - Chocked full of antioxidant Vitamin E, olive oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume. Antioxidants protect against damage from free radicals in the environment; free radicals are unstable molecules produced by pollution and other toxins that can damage your body’s cells.
Olive oil has also been used by Europeans for centuries as a moisturizer to keep skin fresh, clear and wrinkle-free.
Perfect for Gift-Giving - This is the real secret to profitable fundraising items: something that everyone can use multiple times and easily give as gifts to their family and friends.
Mass Appeal - Everyone eats, and everyone will enjoy Theros Olive Oil. It’s really as simple as that.
Sells after the fundraiser ends - It’s no accident Theros Olive Oil is our flagship product. You’ll find customers asking when you’ll hold your next fundraiser, so that they can get more of this fantastic product.
Distributes efficiently - We also offer free shipping on this product.
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Feel-Good Value

Aside from improving the health of your children, family and community, using Theros Olive Oil as a fundraising item can be a great way to prompt conversations about sensible eating habits. Why sell olive oil in place of candy and cookie dough? To preserve and promote personal well-being, healthy weight and long life. You can’t beat that!

Smart Fundraising Tips

  • Try a double-whammy fundraiser: Using Theros Olive Oil, host a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, and sell bottles of the olive oil at the event.
  • Because so many people purchase Theros Olive Oil for gift-giving, showcase this item for fundraisers in November and December.
  • Theros Olive Oil is the perfect fundraiser for your Church: an item all families will savor, that’s body- and earth-friendly.