Community Cards™

Community Cards™

Coming together for a better fundraiser & a stronger community

Your group or school uses Community Cards™ for its fundraising campaign. As you collect donations, participants learn about local causes and issues; meanwhile, we donate out of our own proceeds to a community program of your choice. Options might include supplying a soup kitchen or buying books for a library.
Community Cards™ are a specific type of Green scratch-card fundraising, where participants scratch one or more dots off each card, revealing small dollar donation amounts ($1 to $3). The low dollar amounts erase financial barriers to entry; participants receive an energy- and cost-saving tip sheet that will end up saving them more money than they donate to your cause. Your organization racks up donations with low effort and almost no logistical organization required (read more about Green Cards™).

Collective fundraising that keeps the money local

The first goal of any fundraiser is simple: raise as much money as possible for your group, school or organization, with as little effort and complication as possible. Community Cards™ simply rock in this regard. The second goal is to enrich the participants by delivering something of value to them.
Aside from the money-saving tips that go directly to people’s pocketbooks, Community Cards™ enable your group and donors to make a collective difference, raise social consciousness and get people more community-minded. In fact, because so little effort is required by either organizers or participants, Community Cards™ represent just about the easiest and most ideal way for people to participate in their own communities.
We can fund local projects that benefit everyone in your community – including you. It’s a win-win-win. In addition to the ability of scratch-cards to generate amazing fundraising, Community Cards™ empower you and your participants to change your community.

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Communal Fundraising

A powerful option for small nonprofit groups:Don’t worry if your nonprofit is small, with only a few members. You can also partner with another larger group, like a school – and you can be the local cause that receives the donation from Gone Green Fundraisers™. This truly Communal Fundraising represents the power of small steps making huge change at its best!
In fact, Communal Fundraising approach is our recommendation for all smaller, local nonprofits because it’s such an easy and effective way to raise funds. Your small nonprofit can accumulate outsized revenue every year; and if this is done yearly, you never have to worry about your annual funds campaign again. Larger groups are driven to participate because they benefit too – your group is motivated to help them with their fundraiser because their success is your success.

How does this translate in real world terms?

If you pair with a school-wide fundraiser of 200 kids, your group will receive a $600 donation.

Impact Globe

Other Examples of Real-World Impact


25 Cards = 75 Animals

For every 25 cards your group uses, Gone Green Fundraisers will donate enough to feed 75 animals at a local shelter.

75 Cards = 40 Books

For every 75 cards, we will donate enough to buy 40 books for your local library system.

100 Cards = 100 People

For every 100 cards, we will donate enough to help feed 100 people at your local soup kitchen.

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