Carbon Cards™

Carbon Cards™

Caring fundraising that works

Fantastic fundraising that goes further: helping to minimize your community’s impact on the environment even as you raise mounds of money for your organization.

Here’s how it works

Your group or school uses Carbon Cards™ for its fundraising campaign. As you collect donations, participants learn about pollution and their carbon footprint (see below); meanwhile, we donate out of our own proceeds to a carbon-offsetting program of your choice.

Carbon Cards™ are a specific type of scratch-card fundraising, where participants scratch one or more dots off each card, revealing small dollar donation amounts ($1 to $3). The low dollar amounts erase financial barriers to entry; participants receive an energy- and cost-saving tip sheet that will end up saving them more money than they donate to your cause. Your organization racks up donations with low effort and almost no logistical organization required.

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The Benefits: Why Carbon Card™ Campaigns Rock

(as a community service and a fundraiser)
First, it’s important to realize everyone’s daily activities directly or indirectly generate CO2, which is pumped into the atmosphere. The average North America generates nearly 20 tons of CO2 annually (that’s equivalent to producing 2,280 gallons of gasoline).

This CO2 contributes to the greenhouse effect and disturbs the Earth’s ecosystems globally. It creates a destructive domino effect: as the Earth slowly warms, the ice caps melt, sea level rises, coastal regions sink, weather gets worse, crop production is impacted.

It’s critical to understand the environmental impact that you as an individual and your community have on the environment; otherwise, our planet will be unable to escape an environmental catastrophe.

Get Started

This is where carbon offsetting comes into the picture!

No one can reduce their carbon footprint to zero, but we can fund energy-saving projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere, so our net footprint is zero – or less! Through carbon offsetting, we have the power to slow, halt or even reverse the damage created by carbon footprints.

Carbon offset number becomes as well-understood as any investment or savings plan.
You wouldn’t start a savings account without knowing the interest rate; in an ideal world, no one undertakes carbon-producing activities without knowing the environmental impact, and what it will take to offset it.

In addition to the ability of scratch-cards to generate amazing fundraising, Carbon Cards™ empower you and your participants to change the world through small steps that add up to huge change.


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Educate Your Community

Whether this is a school fundraiser or not, participants will learn about carbon emissions, and why it’s so critical to be aware of them. As a yearly fundraiser, it drives the point home until carbon emissions numbers actually mean something to everyone.

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Collective Power

Collective carbon offsetting is just as powerful as collective fundraising. By doing this as a fundraiser, you leverage the multiplying power of your own community. When whole groups of people get together to do it – whoa! You can make your whole community greener.

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Grow Your “Greenprint”

As an annual fundraiser, participants can track the cumulative impact of their efforts – watch your community’s greenprint grow. Nothing will emphasize the importance of social responsibility more than your community working together.

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Real-World Impact


$10 = 1 Metric Tonne

For every $10 donated, we can offset one metric tonne of CO2. One tonne is slightly lighter than an American ton.

1 Tonne = 2.3 barrels

A $1,500 donation would offset 150 tonnes of CO2, which in turn is equivalent to 349 barrels of oil.

See For Yourself

The EPA hosts an environmental impact calculator so you can see for yourself the dramatic impact of carbon offsetting.

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