Green Cards™

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Green Cards™ are a special kind of scratch-card fundraising. They take the huge earning potential and ease of scratch-cards for fundraising (far better than traditional fundraising products), and add real-world environmental impact – every time someone donates to your organization, they simultaneously help protect and preserve our planet and your community.

Top Three Benefits

  • No Out-Of-Pocket Costs 
    Green Cards™ offer two win-win options for purchasing: pay up front and get a discount; or order with no money down and pay only when you’ve collected all your proceeds.
  • Stress-Free, Low-Effort 
    Fundraiser organizers & teachers face enough pressure and demands on their attention. The last thing you need is another time-intensive fundraiser. Green Cards™ offer a highly profitable, stress-free, product-less option.
  • Protect Your Profit 
    With the approaching energy crisis, the cost of fundraising is going up . That eats into the money your organization keeps. Green Cards™ enable flat pricing with flat, low shipping costs.

How It Works

Participants scratch one or more dots off each card, revealing small dollar amounts ($1 to $3). That’s the amount they donate. The low dollar amounts erase financial barriers to entry; and participants receive an energy- and cost-saving tip sheet that will end up saving them more money than they donate to your cause. Your organization racks up donations with low effort and almost no logistical organization required (compared to traditional product-driven fundraisers). Gone Green Fundraisers then donates a portion of our own proceeds to a charity of your choice.  
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Green Cards are the definition of mass appeal.

Anyone with a buck to spare can scratch to support your group, help save the environment and still get something for themselves out of the deal. Get Started Today – it will be the best fundraising decision you’ve ever made.


Three Kinds of Green Cards

Carbon Cards™Carbon Cards™ 
Help minimize your impact on the environment: educate participants through your fundraisers about pollution, while we will donate from our proceeds to carbon-offsetting programs. Learn more.

Clean-Up Cards™Clean-Up Cards™ 
Help clean up environmental disasters worldwide: raise consciousness about the impact of man-made and natural disasters – like the Gulf Oil Spill and Japan Earthquake, while we will donate to clean-up programs. Learn more.

Community Cards™Community Cards™ 
Help other civic causes working in your community: cross-promote other programs benefitting your local community, while selecting local causes to which we will donate from our proceeds. Learn more.

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Additional Benefits

  • Much higher profit margin per item than traditional fundraising products.
  • Low-dollar donations enable more people to be able to donate.
  • Easy for any size group.
  • Overcomes the “stuff-fatigue” that stops many people from buying fundraising products.
  • Immense educational impact on participants.
  • Free shipping.
  • No products to ship, handle or deliver.