Gone Green Fundraisers Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

From reading this site, you’ve probably realized how committed we are to using Green Cards™ fundraising to benefit local communities and global environment alike. Do you share our passion for what we do? Would you like to join our team, make your own impact on the world, and earn some money at the same time? We have two programs for you to consider: Commissioned Sales and Affiliate Sales.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales is super simple. You direct traffic from your website to ours, and we pay you a generous commission for every sale that results. Not only are you helping enable local groups to raise funds and help the environment at the same time, this is a great way to monetize your own site – especially if you run a site or blog related to the fundraising or education industries – because it requires virtually no effort from you.
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Commissioned Sales

Commissioned SalesOur Commissioned Sales program is very similar to Affiliate Sales; the key difference is that it takes place offline. It basically comes down to talking up the benefits of Green Cards™ as a fundraising tool – which is quite easy to do. Every sale placed through you nets a healthy commission.
Our Commissioned Sales program is perfect for anyone who interacts with local organizations that have fundraising drives: school systems, PTAs, summer programs and clubs, community groups, Girls/Boy Scout programs, etc. In other words, if you’re a staff member, volunteer, organizer, coach, participant or parent, you could start earning lucrative returns simply for promoting the clear benefits of Green Cards™.
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