Scratch the card, Support your community, Save the environment. It’s Simple!

See How It Works

Huge profit potential plus empowering your buyers means you clean up on your fundraising. Green Cards™ offer the highest return-on-investment – you can earn well over $100 on a single card – We specifically designed and priced our cards to be better than the best.

A simple stack of scratch cards can turn into a stack-load of cash for your school, group or organization. Then, Gone Green Fundraisers™ donates a generous portion of its proceeds to environmental clean up.

Why Green Cards Will Skyrocket Your Fundraiser

People want to help. Environmental disasters like the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (one of the worst man-made disasters in history) threaten everyone. With every photo and every news report of environmental damage, people want to take action. But they feel powerless to help.
Now they can.With a simple, minimal donation (as little as $1, and no more than $3), your buyers will fund your organization, while Gone Green Fundraisers™ donates some of its proceeds to environmental clean up.

So Green Cards are Fundraising Heaven. Here’s why…

  • Return Pure Profit to You
  • No Money Upfront
  • Free Shipping
  • Our Guarantee
  • Stress Free
  • Inspire people’s desire to help and donate
  • Reach an audience that wouldn’t pay for things they don’t want or need
  • No Product to Deliver
  • You don’t have to actually donate to the clean-up out of your proceeds, we do it out of ours

The Perfect Fundraiser

It’s the perfect fundraiser for any organization of any size or kind (school-wide fundraisers, band fundraisers, sports teams, etc).